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Secure your car
against theft

Electronic, app-controlled, automatic-transmission immobilizer.


Download the application on your device

App control

The lock is controlled via a dedicated app for Android & iOS devices or via Bluetooth Dongle.

Plug & play installation

ComfyLock is based on a plug-and-play system. Installation is performed using original plugs, matching the ones in your vehicle, without interfering in car’s electrical installation. ComfyLock does not affect the vehicle’s warranty.


With ComfyLock, you gain access to many useful features such as: last parking place, service mode, support for many vehicles and emergency unlock sequence.

How does ComfyLock work?

ComfyLock protects your vehicle from theft by locking the transmission.

Bluetooth wireless communication allows you to control the lock with an app or a Bluetooth dongle.

How to control the lock?

Wireless | Bluetooth

Device with installed application

Wireless | Bluetooth

Dongle with wirless module

Manual | Pattern

The gear knob sequence

How controll ComfyLock

Available brands

ComfyLock Volkswagen-165x103
ComfyLock Toyota-165x103
ComfyLock Skoda-165x103
ComfyLock Seat-165x103
ComfyLock Porsche-165x103
ComfyLock Peugeot-165x103
ComfyLock Mercedes-165x103
ComfyLock Mazda-165x103
ComfyLock Honda-165x103
ComfyLock Citroen-165x103
ComfyLock Audi-165x103

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